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Planet, People and Profit.

Leading CSR authority, John Elkington referred to the ‘Triple Bottom Line’, the concept of value creation by companies extending beyond profit generation.

Instead, additional measurable value can be generated by companies through taking a responsible approach to their impact on the community and on the environment. In simple terms, a People, Planet, Profit outlook reflects a realistic approach to creating raving fans among your customers and employees.

So whether this approach involves providing support to charitable and educational organisations, or focusing on establishing impressive credentials as an employer of choice, attention to health, safety and the environment in the workplace/community, or establishing and practicing corporate governance and ethical reporting, we can help your company define and communicate its approach to CSR. Let us help you get the ball rolling!

Building on your results, commit to one day a month for a year to build and track a sustainable CSR plan.

Establishing a CSR strategy and tactics can include:

  • Conducting a deeper CSR audit
  • Building a CSR strategy and plan
  • Producing the annual CSR report
  • Communication of CSR activities to internal and external company audiences
  • Producing the annual report to employees
  • Producing a community action plan
  • Setting up and maintaining a corporate lobbying programme

We also have a range of complementary tools – get in touch to find out about our CSR/Employee engagement measure Great People SynergyGPS® . If you are doing great things with your CSR maybe you should be shouting about it! Learn more about Talking Point®a great way to make a fast impact with your stakeholders!

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