Equipment & Machinery

Communications in Equipment, Engineering and Construction.

From All Terrain Vehicles, to Personal Watercraft, Marine Engines, Excavators, Diggers, Generators and Lawn Mowers, we have extensive experience of delivering customer satisfaction in:

Building communications strategies and tactics. Creating and delivering events, company magazines, competitions, intranet development, management of the corporate CSR agenda.

Establishing a full in-house PR function, full, targeted media relations, press launches and events, agency management.

Whether its a family day, a conference, seminar, roadshow or your attendance at an exhibition – from start to finish we will deliver a comprehensive and high quality result for you.

Building up the reputational credits in the corporate communications bank, communicating with all your stakeholders, health and safety communications, customer and supplier communications and branding – are skills that we bring to you from our very deep toolbag.

You may not have any CSR initiatives in place and need ideas, or maybe you need a programme devising, an annual CSR report writing or a communications plan to support your existing CSR programme. Worry no more -you are in safe hands and we look forward to being of assistance!


Effective Marketing and Communications in IT.

With experience gained over a twenty year period, our expertise is sound, proven and varied. In this sector we’ve enjoyed assisting organisations who offer:

Our support has spanned the UK, Europe, Middle East and Asia, marketing direct to end-users and through the channel via distributors and resellers.  We have provided full marketing communications expertise and specifically assisted with:

Development of strategic and tactical marketing and communications plans.

Whether its a family day, a conference, seminar, roadshow or your attendance at an exhibition – from start to finish we will deliver a comprehensive and high quality result for you.

Establishing a full in-house PR function, full, targeted media relations, press launches and events, agency management.

  • Website planning and content development.
  • Intranet based Reseller incentive programmes.

Case studies, brochures and work-packages.

Extending your reach to your market through channel partners can benefit from the support of an integrated marketing communications plan.

Public &

The challenges of working in the private sector with often intense competition, restricted resources, and the need to innovate and stand out from the crowd and deliver effective programmes to often fragmented target markets are also familiar to many organisations in the public and non-profit making sector.

We have been able to leverage our cross-sector experience and successfully support public and non-profit making organisations that include:

To these organisations we have successfully delivered a number of key projects including:

Package for the Police Standards Unit (part of the Home Office concerned with reducing crime and increasing detections) containing a short video message from the Chief Constable of Derbyshire Police, an .avi demonstration of a simulation model targeted at improving investigative processes within forces, and a full colour guide to Scientific Support Performance Improvement.

Baby Lifeline is a national charity and training provider supporting healthy outcomes for Mother and Baby. Nominated by grateful families, the Maternity Unit Miracle Awards were developed to recognise excellence within maternity teams in successfully delivering ‘miracle babies’ in adverse situations. We provided media and event management support for a two-day awards event in London at the Rainforest Café and the House of Lords.

The establishment of corporate communications support including internal and external media for the Arthur Rank Charity, the RASE, the International Development function and FACE (Farming and Countryside Education).


Changing energy needs, how we connect to it and how pay for it evolve continually. Securing sustainable resources for future generations and navigating the complexities of a strict regulatory landscape are just some of the challenges faced by key industry stakeholders in the energy market.

Employees continue to be a key resource who not only keep the wheels turning through significant change but who also lead the charge for change. We have supported several of the industry’s largest organisations in building and maintaining employee engagement.

We were delighted to deliver a new look annual senior leadership conference for 1400 leaders to kick off the new UK performance excellence led strategy and formally introduce the new leader of the business. The event combined plenary, nearly 30 outstanding quality exhibition stands, a new mobile event app which achieved over 90% engagement with the audience before, during and after the event.

As part of the launch of one of the UK”s largest new £13bn gas businesses, we led the employee engagement strategy to kick-off the new culture and strategy. Communicating the new name, purpose, vision and values to over 10,000 disparate employees required a multi-strand approach . Teaser campaigns, a leadership conference, regional events, a brand ambassador network, video, animations, screensavers, competitions and an engagement app, all played their part in celebrating the start of this new organisation with a 200 year legacy.

The incidence of cyber attacks on all aspects of our lives is on the increase. Protecting key parts of our infrastructure is vital to avoid the devastating effect a loss of power – heat and light – could have on our lives – literally. We delivered an engaging global campaign to effect cultural change on staying secure at home and at work. This incorporated raising awareness of the damage potential of unauthorised visitors to site, personal safety, how to protect against cyber criminals and how to stay safe when travelling on business.

‘Unlocking the potential of more than 25,000 global employees’ – what does that mean? What if you could save on recruitment costs and improve employee engagement by doing a better job of connecting recruiting managers with the dormant or active aspirations of your workforce? New SuccessFactors tools were launched to the business to save time for busy HR professionals and connect up. Managers to talent already existing in the business. A ‘LinkedIn’ style of employee profile, succession planning and linked development and learning tools were delivered with the support of animated personas, roadshows, event winning exhibition stands, e-learning, case studies and targeted communications.

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