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Holding your communications accountable.

We believe that when reputation management and crisis control are unprotected without careful attention, organisational currency can be devalued.

There may be times when you have upcoming medium to long-term projects involving the communications needed to support a merger, sale or acquisition. For many companies these can be times of both excitement and apprehension which can impact both company performance or the fabric of the contract being negotiated. From employees, customers and suppliers to investors, the media and policy makers these are moments when proper identification and mapping of all stakeholders and their issues is critical to ensuring a smooth and positive transition for all parties involved.

Alternatively, when company financial or safety performance is challenging, careful communication planning and execution can steady what could otherwise be a rocky period.

For those overarching corporate communication initiatives that touch all parts of the business, our experience in creating effective, consistent communications channels with key audiences is tried and tested.

Our services include:

  • Crisis communications and crisis planning
  • Communications for mergers, sales or acquisitions
  • Messaging workshops and development
  • Communication of corporate projects
  • Branding
  • Speech writing
  • Employee communications
  • Health and Safety communication programmes
  • Communications Projects
  • Lobbying and Reputation building
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